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A marathon work day

Well we just underwent a marathon all day and most of the night stint trying to solve a problem on the University’s network drive. The only interlude from work was when I went for a walk down to Strahan’s town centre and the port to clear my head. This proved to be a great walk […]

Queenstown – Another fascinating story of achievement

Today we drove to Queenstown without holding any expectations being that we had heard little about the town prior to our visit. View Larger Map What we found was a 100 year old mining town owing it’s past and current existence to nothing else but the phenomenally successful Lyall Mine that has continued to extracted […]

History viewed through the imagination

To really get the most out of a visit to Waratah you must call upon your fertile imagination. This town and the areas surrounding it are rich in history and the bones of many successful and unsuccessful enterprises lay exposed here. When you hear the story of how Tin and other minerals like osmiridium, gold, […]

Goodbye Stanley

This morning we said goodbye to beautiful Stanley. I made a last round very early, just as dawn was breaking and before anyone in the town was up and about. The wind was howling through the streets and the sea was wild and, with the towns street lights still on and the lights on the […]

Standing on the edge of the world.

Today found us making a fairly early start to Smithton, about 20 kilometres from our temporary home at Stanley. Smithton is dairy country. It ‘s surrounded by richly grassed farms with very high concentrations of healthy looking Dairy Cows per paddock. It ‘s a fairly regional centre but we didn’t spend a great deal of […]

We didn’t intend to sightsee today but…

After working most of the night then until late morning, we drove to Burnie, leaving about 12:30PM. We just wanted to get to a Harvey Norman or similar retailer to buy an inverter. We are going to begin “Free Camping” as this is what most people we have met do in Tassie. Almost everywhere you […]

Stanley discovery

You think you have seen some beautiful scenes! You even suspect you have seen some of the prettiest places on earth! Then Tasmania offers you… STANLEY! View Larger MapHave you ever experienced a place where almost every footstep opens a new scene of exquisite and picturesque scenery that it brings a gasp to your lips? This […]

Arrive at Stanley

We left Devonport at about 9:00am and made our way onto the Bass highway pointed toward Stanley where we intend to stay for 4 days. The first part of the trip to Burnie was a markedly different trip to the one we took just a few days ago. It’s amazing how a change in weather […]

Get notified automatically when a new post is made.

Hi Guys. A couple of you have asked how to get automatically notified when we make a new post to the blog. It’s easy. Go to the top left of the blog and you’ll see this button… This is your “Feeds” button. Click it and it will take you to the “Feeds” page. Now just […]

The Cradle Mountain experience

Last night before going to sleep The Princess made the call NOT to go to cradle mountain Sunday as was our original intention. She wanted to spring clean again and thought the weather might be a bit cloudy, spoiling the view of the mountain. “Yes Dear”, I dutifully replied, “Anything you say Dear.” and off […]