Staying in New Norfolk for a bit

The little home – Oh so comfortable in New Norfolk

Well, we are still in New Norfolk where we’ve decided to “Hole up” till Barry and Christine arrive on Tuesday and from there we’ll explore the south of Tasmania and Bruny Island.

The last few days have been spent paying the price for the stupid dumpster diving episode.

I should have rested the rib cage but after fixing the adjustable legs and lifting the bumper while laying on my back under the van I seem to have made things worse.

We went to Hobart to pick up the jack handle we had extended.

We recommend this bloke, (Adept Sheetmetal – 0412 070 457), if you ever need a small steel repair job done in Hobart. He was not only extremely helpful, very reasonably priced, (he only charged us $10.00 when I would have thought $50.00), and he was just a darn nice bloke.

We also checked out a few other places in Hobart and started to form an overall impression of this city.

The impression is good.

It’s a place that appears to the traveler to be prosperous, vibrant, clean and inviting.

As usual the Tasmanians are prideful of their city and very friendly.

We have noticed that many Tasmanian drivers, we’ve called them Tasmaniacs, like to travel right in centre of the road.

Why? Who knows?

This is particularly interesting on narrow winding roads with sheer drops such as climbing up mountains.

Diesel fuel in Hobart is the same price as Brisbane. We thought it would be more expensive but in some places it is actually cheaper.

Food costs also compare very well with home.

I was able to spend a couple of hours wandering around Constitution dock taking in the boats and ships.

The Sea Shepherd whaling protest ship Bob Barker was berthed after its latest journey to the Antarctic to disrupt the Japanese whale catching operations.

The French Antarctic research icebreaker the Astrolabe was in also.

The French Antarctic Research ship Astrolabe

There is a fascinating mix of commercial and leisure vessels of all sizes and ages at Constitution dock and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering amongst them while Kerrie carried out some business and shopping in the city.

I’m a bit concerned because the old ribs feel like a red hot spear has been inserted into them.