A visit to Ballarat

Waiting for the university to get us the data we need to install the program, so we took a run to Ballarat.

What a beautiful city!

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You know, there is nothing that permeates the senses quite like the scent of a rose and Ballarat has PLENTY of them.

In fact our “enduring image” of Ballarat will be of roses, beautiful old cottages, large trees and colour.

Beautiful old cottages and roses – our enduring image of Ballarat

We started with a walk around the centre getting a feel for the city and then went up to see the ACU campus.

When we think of Ballarat we’ll think of vibrant colours and the scent of roses.

The ACU campus consists of specatcular old buildings set amidst huge trees and abundant flower gardens.

The lawns are so soft they feel like green velvet. Beautiful!

Then it was off to the Eureka Stockade and Bakery Hill where such an important part of our history took place with the cost of many lives.
Here is the story of the Eureka stockade.

A visit to the old cemetery was an experience as we stood first by the memorial to all the miners, (diggers), killed in the Eureka Stockade attack and then by the memorial to the soldiers in the attack.

The memorial to the Eureka Stockade miners, (diggers), who died in the attack.

Everywhere you turn there are magnificent old buildings and prolific gardens and roses, roses and more roses.

Tall English oak and elm trees line almost every street and in many places cover the road offering a picture postcard visual of lush, quiet,  green canopies. Coupled with the old cottages you would not be surprised to encounter a horse and buggy with the occupants dressed in Victorian attire.

The wonderful botanical gardens offered up even greater explosions of colour and beauty.

You cannot but be amazed at the wonders of creation in the flowers and the trees.

Tree lined avenue – Bacchus Marsh

On the way back to Rockbank we took a diversion through Bacchus Marsh and discovered yet more beautiful landscapes, interesting people and unusual places, like the tree lined avenue of hundreds of trees all with a memorial  to an Australian soldier.

Beautiful orchards and vegetable farms are everywhere and their crops are healthy and prolific.

This really has been a day filled with colour and beautiful surroundings.

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I’ve also worked out why the mp3’s are not working so have fixed these up.

Love you all.

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  1. June Kirsopp
    June Kirsopp says:

    Hi Aunty Kerrie and Chris – Dad has sent me the link to your page so will tag it and will check in every now and then to see how you are going – glad to see all is going ok so far – love all the photos – June

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy says:

      Hi June. We keep finding things to add to the posts like googlemaps, so you’ll know we’re we have traveled.
      Loving it. – Aunty Kerrie

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