A day in the beautiful Dandenongs

Today saw us off bright and early for a trip to the Dandenongs in what turned out to be a glorious day.

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The Dandenong ranges are a truly pretty part of the world with gigantic trees, steep hills deep valleys and breathtaking sights that constantly demand attention. There are parts that remind us of our still favourite place – Monteville.

Healthy, well managed farms and orchard are evrywhere

There are mile upon mile of incredibly well managed and productive farms and orchards, with a proliferation of berries, fruits and wine.

We started with a visit to the famous Puffing Billy steam train at the picturesque Belgrave station.

Puffing Billy – A beautiful example of our railway heritage

I enjoy watching these old machines and this one is a real treat as it is restored and maintained in pristine condition.

We then drove up to the little towns of Saville, Olinda, Sassafras and eventually to “Sky High Observatory” on Mount Dandenong. We passsed some truly beautiful spots but the highlight was when we discovered a hydroponic strawberry and tomato farm.

Hydroponic Strawberries – Huge and Delicious

The farm was so well managed

The Strawberries hydroponic trough

The owners were only too happy to talk about their 21 year history of commercial hydroponic farming after thay learnt of our hydroponics experiments and our desire to start up again when we eventually get back to Brisbane. This farm was so neat and well managed and the strawberries they grew were exceptionally delicious.

They don’t circulate the water as we did so we imagine the cost of nutrient would be high but they use no chemical in controling pests.

After the strawberry farm we made our way to Sky High on Mount Dandenong where we were given the most breathtaking views of Melbourne and it’s surrounds.

Panaroma of Melbourne from Sky High

The magnificent gardens were tranquil and pretty and Kerrie got some great shots as you can see in the photo album. She even caught a great shot of a bee in flight.

We were worn out but contented after arriving home from this lovely day.


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  1. David & Lacey
    David & Lacey says:

    A note on the hydroponics farm, did you ask them if they get police drug raids on there property as we did because of your hydroponics.

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy says:

      Yes we did actually, but it seems their credability was better than ours as they had no such raid.

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