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Meet our newest Grandson:

Luke David Freudenberg was born at 1.31am on the 1st November. Weighing in at 7lb. Both Luke and Lacey are happy and healthy. Lacey had been getting Braxton Hicks contractions for the last month but when Luke finally decided to come he wasn’t mucking around. David, who had been waiting patiently for his birth and […]

Rain, Rain go away:

Friday May 1st saw us back in Brisbane. Rain had once again washed out earthmoving operations at South Callandoon farm. Geoff, the Gore Earthmoving supervisor, called it too wet at 10.am and we were on the road by 11.30am. We cleaned up the kitchen, washed the floors and tidied up after the guys had all […]

Our first couple of weeks at South Callandoon:

Well it’s been just over two weeks since arriving at South Callandoon – the time is flying by. Unfortunately it’s just rained again and the earth movers have packed up and gone home for a few days until the land dries out. Out of the 16 days we’ve been here the boys have worked 9 of […]

Moving day arrived.

Would the Gore Earthmoving job at South Callandoon start or would it be delayed again after huge 80mm rainfall over Easter? We doubted very much there would be a start, however, since we hadn’t heard anything we decided to proceed as planned and move and if the job was delayed again it would at least […]

We make a deadline

After getting back to Koramba and setting up again we began an all-out effort to meet a deadline we’d set for ourselves. You see while were staying with David and Lacey’s over Christmas David asked when the Budget Application would be back on line. He was waiting for it as he’d always used it to […]

Never two days the same

With the finishing up of the Gore earthmoving job at Belah Park station it was back to our beloved Koramba for a while. The job at Gore’s was initially for an 8 week period and ended up being a 5 month stint. One of our last communications with the company as the job ended was […]

Here one minute gone the next:

  We arrived back at Belah Park after having two and a half weeks off over Christmas, only to have it rain the very same night we arrived back causing the job to be shut down everyone stood down again. We opted to stay out here as unlike the others, our home is where we are. The men eventually came […]

Christmas at Home

  We’d promised ourselves that we’d spend Christmas at home this year as we’ve been away for the last three . With the grand kids now old enough to enjoy it we weren’t going to miss it. But first, let me recap the last couple of months as we’ve not written up the blog for a […]

Dust, fly’s and heat:

Well the harvesting is over at Koramba! The balers, however are still working stacking the high density hay bales onto the head ditches at the end of the fields to be collected by the trucks. The young contractors working this part of the process have had a lot of trouble with their gear. First, running […]

We’ve seperated…for a short time:

Now don’t jump to the wrong conclusion – Chris and I are living apart for the next three to four weeks because it’s harvest time at Koramba. Chris is staying over at Belah Park feeding the earth movers on the Gore Earthmoving job while I have returned to Koramba to feed the harvesters. We’ve now been living […]