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From Moree to Parkes – 2nd Day out

Wide Open Spaces On the road to Parkes from Moree and wide open spaces are the feature for many miles. We’re now securely tucked up in Parkes and it’s cool and comfortable. Met our first travelling companions, Brian and Sylvia from Woodgate, who are also travelling to Tasmania.

Farewell Brisbane

After a hectic round of last minute jobs and a quick trip to New Farm to pick up our HDMI monitor we finally hit the road at 10:30am. As if to say farewell and to leave the perfect image of this wonderful home, the Yellow Rose bush out front exploded into full bloom and displayed the […]

Last day before leaving

Another 4.00am start! It seems like verything I touch stuffs up! Just feel like giving up! Would we be better off delaying the leaving day? No – We can’t. Really must be in Melbourne by Monday to install program on tuesday. The damn roof hatch is a pain. We decided to renew it and every […]

A hectic day of last minute jobs

What a day. Started at 4:30 am finishing the instalation of the tubes at the back of the van for carrying the annex poles, fishing rods etc. Removed the skylight and replace the timber base that was showing it’s 41 years. What a mongrel job! Removed the wheel bearings and greased them and greased the […]

More goodbyes and “Last times”.

By Chris: Today is the last time I’ll work at the University. I’m making a couple of final checks to the Operations Management program to make sure they continue to use it trouble free. Apparently they’ll be still using it for the foreseeable future even though they’ve opted to install a different system so I want to ensure everything continues to […]

Goodbye BBQ at Barry and Christine’s

  The goodbyes and the “last time we’ll do this” situations are happening quickly now. This morning was the last time we’ll go to church at Sandgate Uniting. Kerrie spent most of the service in tears as Peter’s message and the words of the songs hit deep. Peter preached on the “The Sower Sows the […]

Catching up before leaving

Today I spent a great couple of hours with Wayne over coffee. We talked about lot’s of things and we spoke of how, as the Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, and how people paint an extremely accurate picture of who they really are by the words they speak. […]

The final days before leaving

As the days before leaving get fewer we can’t help but feel a little anxiety mixed in with the excitement that the time has finally come! The biggest challenge, of course, will be leaving you all – our family and friends. We’ll always be just a plane flight away if any of you need us. […]