A–holes, angels and ordinary folk

A–holes, angels and ordinary folk. Caravan related forums and social media posts have many stories about “a–hole” truck drivers while truck-related media has plenty of referrals to “a–hole’ caravanners.

Success is buried on the other side of frustration

A great Tony Robbins quote is, “Success is buried on the other side of frustration”. At the moment I’m finding there’s an inner battle I need to win in order for us to get this business off the ground. It is a battle with frustration.

Success Consists of …

The great Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I think you need to view failure like Thomas Edison who, when commenting on the invention of the electric light bulb said, “I had to succeed because I ran out of things that would fail.”

A New Business Plan

A Business Strategy Meeting The 3-day journey back to Brisbane from Lardner park became a mobile strategy meeting. We went through everything we were doing in the business. We looked at what was possible, what was impossible and every likely consequence.

The Next Big Hope – Lardner Park Victoria

Back To Queensland From South Australia The drive back to Queensland from South Australia involved yet more decisions. In all the heartbreak and disappointment, it was still enjoyable and inspiring to travel the endless hours talking non-stop with Kerrie. I can’t remember us having a single argument even when the pressure to give it all […]

Nothing’s Easy!

Pittsworth in the Rear View Mirror Off we drove from Pittsworth feeling confident that we’d at least experienced our first show even if we didn’t think any sales would eventuate.

Don’t Stare Up The Steps – Step Up The Stairs!

They say that to achieve any goal you need to stop staring up at the steps and start stepping up the stairs.