A–holes, angels and ordinary folk

A–holes, angels and ordinary folk. Caravan related forums and social media posts have many stories about “a–hole” truck drivers while truck-related media has plenty of referrals to “a–hole’ caravanners.

A trip to Brisbane

Working on the road has so many advantages.

Always Something Happening When working on the road, there’s always something new to do. With our days off this July, this was the case. We had work to catch up with, but we also wanted to explore. .

A Visit to Sugar Country

Heading off on an adventure Wednesday was the end of the three-week shift at Disney cattle station. The Gore Earthmoving workers worked until 10 am after which they come back to camp, showered, packed and headed off to Clermont for a “shift wrap up” counter meal at one of the pubs. A colleague of Mick […]

Cooking up a Storm

The routine at the Gore Remote Site Camp is established now and we’ve come to know the likes and dislikes of most of the crew. They’re not big breakfast eaters and they don’t take huge lunches, but they all have a hearty appetite by 6:30 pm dinner time. We had a great time over the […]

Getting to know Disney

We’re settling into a nice routine at Disney station. We’ve met all the terrific people that own and run the farm. They’re all helpful and keen to share information about the property they are all obviously proud of. The youngest farmhand is Bailey whose just six weeks old.

The Camp Arrives at Disney

This morning (day 2 at Disney) started with the two Gore trucks rolling in with the camp to the backdrop of a magnificent sunrise.

Back on the Road

I can’t believe we’ve been alternating between caravan parks in Brisbane for 16 months! A few annoying health issues have kept us stationary with just the occasional trip out to Koramba to break the feeling of being squatters. One thing that never changed was our love of living the simple life in the caravan. Occasionally […]