Elliana Rose Freudenberg 7th January 2013

Meet our new grand daughter.

A proud Nanna and Elliana.

A proud Nanna and Elliana.

Elliana was born at Buderim private hospital weighing in at 7lb 10oz.

Chris and I had been down that week end so I stayed on to get to know her. David and Lacey are the proud parents and have entered the wondrous world of parenthood with flying colours.

David, Lacey and Elliana Freudenberg

David, Lacey and Elliana Freudenberg

It still amazes me looking at David holding Elli and think that he was once that small also. The scary part is it doesn’t seem that long ago! Where do the years go?

Had to believe David use to be that small.

Hard to believe David was once that small.

Christmas at Koramba:

Gary the cook had mentioned that his son was coming over from NZ and that he would miss him, as he would be returning home before Gary’s days off.

So Chris offered to do the cooking and sent Gary on his days off early. The boys had the day off and partied well into Christmas day. Some going to bed just as we were getting up to start cooking.


Last year we were at Armindale and had the pleasure of cool days and nights, not this year it’s HOT, HOT and getting hotter. Another thing I missed was no churches within 120km. Last year the bells ringing in Armindale on Christmas day were amazing as well as seeing so many people attending all the churches in the area.

So with the temp in the 40 deg and the kitchen another 10 deg hotter due to the oven going full bore we prepared the Christmas dinner.

Hopefully this video will show you how it went.

So to all our family and friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.