New Norfolk

Well this afternoon Chris is flying back to Brisbane. So out comes the summer clothes again. We left early so we could stop somewhere to pack the dehydrator that we have decided to send home. After rummaging around  Harvey Norman’s recyling bins we had bubble wrapped and packed it securely.

We also purchased our first bit of “free camping” equipment, a porta potty. The trouble when you travel is you don’t know where to go to buy equipment. Normally we would have ducked down to BCF. But they don’t have them in Tassie. So you watch the adds on TV (that would be my job as Chris refuses to watch adds) and hopefully catch one advertising locally.

We were lucky at this place as it had all the spots we wanted.

Left Chris at the airport and went to go home. Yep… got in the wrong lane and with the GPS “recaculating destination” saw the turn off to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Had to stop and visit “Pete’s Patch” that is on the ABC’s Gardening Australia. WOW don’t mind botanical gardens but.. WOW! I of course forgot the camera. But did send Chris a SMS saying I had just tasted a raspberry out of Pete’s Patch and it was yummy.

But without Chris to drag around it wasn’t the same, so left until he comes back. We have been living in each others pockets for 3 months now without another room to go to. I miss him.

Will have to keep busy…I know, I’ll clean!

From Chris in Brisbane…

I miss you too Darling!