Melbourne – Home for 11 days

Today we traveled from Finley to Rockbank,  a suburb 30 km out of Melbourne on the way to Ballarat where we’ll stay for the next 11 days while we install the SpaceCalc program at a University here.

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Our first glimpse of Melbourne as we came into the Rockbank area…

The skyline of Melbourne

After crossing the Victorian boarder the country side changed.

For one thing the “Rest Stops” become “Powernap Stops” Funny how that makes you feel. Like a Grey Nomad who has to have a “Nanna nap” to make it through the day. Oh, that’s right I am!

I try to work it that I don’t drive after lunch so I can have a snooze.

Well Melbourne has put on it’s usual show of weather changes. It’s rainy and cold. I am now wearing a jumper. The wind’s picked up and it’s brisk.

They said the change only came at 9.30am this morning otherwise it has been warm.

I have no idea what I’m going to be like in Tassie. Better start getting out the winter clothes already.

Chris has gone for a run to find a Tandy store to get a part for the antenna.

Kids; the best present you could have given me is that GPS. It lets us know what time we will get in to the towns, how far to go as well as keeps us under the speed limit when you hit the towns .

The limit through towns is 50kph.

We try very hard to keep it at 90kph on the road or the fuel gauge drops fast.

From Chris

A big shout out to Shawn Street who gave me a roll of wire when I left with the advice that it was one of the handiest things I could have.

It turned out to be true as I used it to “Rewire” the television arial which was broken and I was unable to find a replacement. It’s working fine and we  have all the digital channels back as well!

OOOOOhhhhh its cold!!!!!

Better get used to this before Tassy in 11 days!!!!

Just had some wonderul news from Emily who has broken all sorts of records at work during her tryout for advancement. ON YA EMS!!!!! LUV YA Darlin.

We won’t have the videos working on the blog for a few more days as I’m having trouble with uploads and downloads since we’ve used too much of internet allocation and our connection is pathetically slow for the nest few days. Sorry all.