Installation Day – A huge day for us!

My day started at 3:30 am with a few final touch ups to the program.

We decided to catch the train into melbourne as it would cost us $22.00 per hour to park and we needed at least 3 hours.

We walked to Rockbank station.

The “Where the hell is Rockbank” station

By the way whenever we mention Rockbank you’re supposed to say what almost every single person we’ve met in Melbourne says…
“Where the hell is ROCKBANK???”

The station at Rockbank, (“Where the hell is Rockbank?”), is a tin shed set amidst……NOTHING!

We couldn’t even buy tickets but a nice couple of school boys told us we could buy them on the train.

Here comes the train.  We hear it in the distance. We see it appear. This is exciting.

Within 5 seconds this bullet travelling at about 200km an hour flashes through the station at a speed that enabled but a flashing observation of the actual train as it dissappeared into the direction of Melbourne  without even blinking at “Where the hell is Rockbank” station.

Speechless we looked to our new school boy friends who informed us that it wasn’t worth all trains stopping at “Where the hell is Rockbank” so only every second one stopped.

As the next, much older train stopped we boarded into a totally packed carriage and 20 minutes later we were in Southern Cross station central Melbourne. A quick tram ride to Exhibition Street and we were there 1/2 an hour early.

It was great public transport experience.

Once into the company’s offices, and being made so welcome by the lovely people we have grown used to in our dealings with this company, we proceeded to install SpaceCalc, which apart from being unable to log on to their network with my laptop, went very smoothly. About 2 hours later SpaceCalc was loaded on to the network and 5 PCs and was running properly.

We were then taken to lunch by Summit, the man responsible for us getting our CMS program into Melbourne ACU.

Summit has always fascinated me.

He’s one the most articulate young man I’ve ever met.

He has a wonderful ability to organise his words in a way that makes every conversation like listening to a skilled story teller.

He’s also hillarious. He’s one of those people who can bring you to tears of laughter while he himself expresses nothing more than a wry smile.

Lunching, (in fact spending even a few moments), with this highly competent, thouroughly likeable and entertaining person was a most rewarding experiance.

Southern Cross Station

After lunch it was back to Southern Cross station where Kerrie’s Shop Radar went into action again and since we had time to spare she set about satisfying her addiction for aimessly meandering through a sea of colourful trinkets while I sat with a coffee and watched the tide of another sea, the sea of people coming and going at the station. The diversity, colour and actions of people never ceases to amaze me.

The train ride back to Rockbank, (Where the hell’s Rockank?), was comfortable, fast and pleasant.

We had time to change and then drive back to Armidale in Melbourne where we had dinner with our friends Bruce and Denise at thier home.

Their place is one of those rare places where you feel comfortable and at home the moment you enter.

Of course this has little to do with the bricks and mortar and everything to do with the people inside.

Bruce and Denise love cooking and their food is delicious and beautifully presented.

As good as the food was though, it was these two people who were responsible for a delightful night.

The conversation was fascinating and we became enthralled as Denise told us of her, yet embryonic, idea for her business.

We’re so sure she will do well as we saw the abundance of the vital ingredient, PASSION, in her converstion.

Bruce is a skilled listener, similar to Barry and Christine, and is absorbed in whatever you speak about.He has a personality that I call “firm gentleness”. It is the type of personality that leaves little doubt that he’s in charge yet gives you feeling that your viewpoint or suggestion is valuable and that you will always be well and respectfully treated.

We looked forward to a good nights sleep as tommorrow we strip the van down ready for the next phase of our adventure on Thursday – the trip to Tasmania.

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  1. christine
    christine says:

    hi chris and kerrie, just wanted to say hope you have an awesome trip to tassie not too bumpy i hope the blog is great reading and sounds like you are having a ball have booked the camper til 4th and accom on bruny is til 7th cant come soon enough we are so looking forward to seeing you over there take care lots of luv christine and barry xxoo

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy says:

      Thank you both.
      We have an awesome surprise for you on Bruny. Can’t tell you what it is you’ll have to wait.
      Kerrie will slap me for telling you this much!
      Looking so forward to seeing you both.
      Love you heaps

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